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Trauma Resolution

Pat Legere  

*trained and experienced in individual, marital and family therapies with 30 years experience
*a real person and lightworker first 
*experience with 'complex' trauma healing/recovery, spiritual, physical, sexual, emotional abuse
*experience in psychiatry and addictions


Maya Hypnosis

Maya Hypnosis was formed with one aim: To heal and make whole the individual by uniting the powers of the old world and the new.

Maya Hypnosis is an opening to lost time and time without time, in which illusions are unveiled. A blend of modern day Hypnotherapy mixed with Ancient Egyptian healing, wisdom, skills and techniques, used to reach the parts of the unconscious where healing can take place and clients can be released from fear, dis-ease and dis-order. Kali takes clients into a somnambulistic state; an area off limits to most therapists either because they don’t understand it or can’t reach it. Often called the Universe Within, we make changes at this level of our soul that give profound reactions and results. 

Transpersonal Psychology, Past lives, cosmos, Future life, Life between lives, Progression, Regression/Inner-child/birth/before birth/Re-birth, Internal Martial Arts, soul retrieval, energy protection, negative entity removal,  Alien Abduction Specialist, resolution of PTSD and PAS (post abduction syndrome)…and much more. ‘No Impact No Fee Guarantee’.

Based in UK. Within easy reach of  Birmingham,   Derby,   Nottingham,  Leicester, Loughborough,   Burton upon Trent,   Sutton Coldfield,   Tamworth,   Lichfield,   Coventry,   Nuneaton,   Cannock,   Long Eaton,   Stafford,   Uttoxeter,   Wolverhampton  and  Stoke-on-Trent.

To book a session contact:

Ottmar and Regina Stehle

Ottmar Stehle: Trained as physicist and space technology engineer with the objective to regenerate space ship earth, and Regina Stehle trained in the field of physical education. In addition, we completed comprehensive studies of Vedic Science at Maharishi European Research University in Switzerland and a number of other countries, including India  and obtained the degree of Doctor of the Science of Creative Intelligence (DSCI); by now 37 years of expertise in applying the Technology of Consciousness with its various aspects for individuals, in schools, universities, prisons, government departments, medical institutions, companies, private & public associations, & health clinics to achieve a wide variety of objectives.

Acting as catalysts we are advising people how to release anxiety, remove deep-routed stress and strain from body and mind, address the post-traumatic stress disorders, and treat stress-related disorders; to experience the source of creativity, intelligence, and energy results in regeneration and protection from within & provides freedom and independence from outer influences; inner bliss, love and compassion are enhanced naturally; life becomes integrated, complete and self-sustaining in an invincible manner; advanced techniques help to achieve enlightenment for the individual, invincibility for every country, and peace for the family of nations.


Bill Newman

I am William R. Newman, D.Min., a licensed clinical psychologist for 29 years. I offer my healing services in my private practice at my clinic, Seacoast Counseling Centers, P.C., near Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

I am a long term member of the American Psychological Association and a certified member and Consultant of the American Society of Clinical  Hypnosis. I am also a certified energy healer of Advanced Pranic Energy Healing developed by Master Choa Kok Sui. My energy healing treatment service also utilizes the use of Pranic Crystal Healing and Practical Psychic Self- Defense against the onslaught of negative and harmful energy forces. Additonially, my energy healing services also include the use of Native American Shamanic Energy Healing practices such as Soul Retrieval.

I specialize in the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder with people who have suffered trauma. I am a energy/spiritual psychologist.

I may be contacted at:

Dr. William R. Newman
Seacoast Counseling Centers, P.C.
Boston North Technology Park
110 Haverhill Road, Suite 318
Amesbury, MA 01913

Andrea Sea


I have been practicing energy healing and bodywork since 1998 in this lifetime, and I have been doing healing work for many lifetimes.  My main areas of expertise are trauma resolution and energy balancing.  I am also quite good at removing intrusive energies (entities, spirit attachments, hexes, cords, etc.) and supporting people to re-establish and maintain good energetic boundaries (psychic protection).  I can do a basic soul retrieval, but if I feel you need further assistance in that area, I will let you know and offer some referrals.

If you have suffered any type of trauma, whether primarily physical, primarily emotional/mental/spiritual, or primarily an energetic attack, I can help release and clear the trauma energy from your nervous system, body tissues and auric field. 

It helps if you are aware of the exact nature of the trauma, but awareness is not necessary.  For example, if you know you were sexually abused but do not have conscious memories of the abuse, we can still clear the trauma.  If you believe you have been the target of a psychic/energetic attack, I can use applied kinesiology, intuition and direct communication with your higher self, spirit guides and guardian angels to determine the nature of the intrusive energy and the best method of removing it from your field. 

I have successfully treated people who have experienced:

-domestic violence, rape, sexual abuse, ritual sexual abuse, betrayal;

-physical traumas such as car accidents, sports injuries, slip-and-fall injuries;

-more subtle emotional injuries such as parental rejection, shaming, overcontrol or neglect;

-assault, imprisonment in a mental hospital, energetic boundary violations, psychic attack;

-past life trauma, trauma passed down from ancestors. 

Sessions are in person or via phone or skype.  I have offices in Santa Monica and Topanga, near West Los Angeles, California.  Somatic Trauma Resolution sessions generally last two hours, and require a fairly good command of the English language (my only fluent language) because I need to be able to guide you verbally throughout the session, and you need to be able to describe to me what you're experiencing in the moment.  Other types of energy healing can be done in shorter sessions and with less need for dialogue.  If you are in need of trauma clearing, please read about Somatic Trauma Resolution on my website.

Andrea Sea

Spirit Touch Healing Arts

Tel. United States:  424-229-1299


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