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Jorge and Don Alejandro

I am a peruvian Inka Shaman initiated by a venerable and wise old Qero Inka Shaman at sacred places in the Andean mountains about 4600 m above sea level. where they live. It took me many years of disciplined work to master our luminous light body energies.

The key of an harmonious and powerful physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life is keeping healthy our vortices of energies or chakras - its imbalances affect our life and its strength empowers our immune system. Both my self and my teacher will be jointly working with you during a session of one hour during which a ceremony will be held by my Qero teacher during the healing session. We heal traumas, pains, imprints, wounds on the emotional, physical and mental areas, reinforce the luminous light body energies and strength the immune system.

Some energetic adjustments might require a special and simple breath technique to reconnect the bound between the mind and the heart electromagnetic fields thus reinforcing the intuitive intelligence or psychic abilities. We give also advices for protection and follow up results after healing sessions.

We offer skype sessions and privately sessions might be arranged in Stockholm-Sweden, Cusco-Peru and later in Barcelona-Spain.


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