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The Path of The Heart

Clairvoyant & healer

Tanya Aprile



I offer you

*Help to solve problems in your life

*Tools to create a balanced and happy life

*Help to find the right path further on in your life

*Healing to your body & soul


As a clairvoyant & healer I can see a bigger perspective. I can see connections and origins of problems. I can see the present moment, and into the past & future. I can therefore help you to find the roots of unbalances physical as psychological. I can help you to find the right path further on in your life. I can help to heal physical and psychological pain. I can give you the tools to learn to find calmness in your mind, so you can hear the voice in your heart. I can show you the way to be the director of you own life.

   I offer  Private sessions & Skype sessions

  Price: free will donation (PayPal, cash, bank wire)


   Tel: Denmark + 45 51 232 232

   Tel: Italy + 39 334 5789771

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