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Rutland Sanctuary


Rutland Sanctuary is where healing and clairvoyance combine to offer healing, mediumship and solutions to some of lifes more peculiar problems. Nathan Ticehurst is a healer and meditation tutor, Liz King (Psychic T.V.) is a renowned Psychic medium and Lightworker. We perform various forms of spirit releasment and regressive therapies together, we find that working together we can hold a sacred space much more easily and are more prepared for anything that may arise during a session. The key point here is that until we know what we are dealing with the exact therapy used isnt apparent, for example a person could come to us feeling that they are cursed and we could find that regression is necessary to heal the ancestral timeline. There are many possible energy parasites and attachments and many reasons for them being there, if you feel that you are being attacked or affected then please don't hesitate to contact for advice.




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